Who will leave Ghost Hunters?

I’ve been putting off making this post since the last episode of Ghost Hunters. It seems that someone may be leaving the show – although I’d like to think SyFy is just playing with us. I’ve read the theories and I’ve watched the tape many times, and I can’t get past the sinking feeling that I’m not going to like this

Perhaps, no one is leaving. Perhaps they have some monumental investigation overseas and all the tears are simply over Steve’s fear of flying. Perhaps, it’s some shockingly good news and the tears are of joy.

Go ahead, watch the video. I’d love to hear what you think the “news” is.


4 thoughts on “Who will leave Ghost Hunters?

  1. How come there are always people on every site like this that have to leave a neg. comment about Ghost Hunters? If you dont like the show, why are you reading, let alone leaving a message about it? To each their own…stop trying to gain some sick pleasure from playing with others emotions by talking crap about the things that mean most to them! Now that I have that out, I really hope that nrichford is correct with the thought that maybe it is not something super bad. I have been reading predictions all week about Jason or Grant leaving. I have met the guys at one of the semenars they do, and I have to say Grant is one of the nicest people I have met and I truly hope the predictions of him leaving are false. And agreeing with Laura I truly hope that Jason isnt leaving because he is the business mind that started and holds the group together. I feel his attitute towards ghost hunting helps them to keep their credibility. Either way I am definatly watching tonight and will be hoping for the best.

  2. Seeing as how the only person NOT CRYING OR MISTY EYED is JASON, I think either he is sick (like with cancer) or he is leaving the show. However, leaving the show seems a little far fetched considering he and Grant FOUNDED the TAPS team together. I highly doubt he would leave TAPS, LET ALONE GH.

  3. i think either amy or steve is leaving the show,or,jason. But mabey something happened to one of the members? currant or past?

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