And the water came pouring out …

I’m feeling a bit like a frog tonight. I’m told that if you sit a frog in a pot of cold water and light the flame beneath him, he’ll sit there contentedly until the water boils and kills him. Because the frog is cold blooded, his body temperature rises with his surroundings – but he simply doesn’t notice the danger.

I have the uneasy sense that I am as oblivious as the frog to what happens around me.

Weird unexplained things have happened in this house since we moved here – but like the frog we don’t really seem to notice and certainly don’t get too alarmed. Sure, we joke about the ghost, and then let it go because as rational, intelligent people we know that there must be rational explanations for everything.

Tonight, water suddenly started running out of the refrigerator. We opened the door and pulled out the vegetable tray to discover water everywhere. Now before you think I’m talking about a little moisture, let me explain that it took a LARGE bath towel to absorb the water. I’m guessing there must have been two quarts of water in the bottom of the fridge.

We examined the rest of the refrigerator for the cause of this “leak” – but there was none. All the other shelves are perfectly dry, there are no drains to the bottom of the fridge, no empty bottles that may have spilled, no overturned jars – nothing.

There is no explanation for the source of the water.


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