Lamps, cell phones and phantom sounds

Lamp turns on by itself.

Lamps don't turn on by themselves, do they?

Okay, so I’m starting to get a little spooked. Things have been a little unusual here lately. My daughter’s cell phone has been a bit crazy. A few days ago she reported that the alarm went off early waking her up in the morning – but that the “sound” wasn’t the alarm it was set to, and upon checking the alarm was indeed set for another time. Okay, so I blew that off.

Yesterday, she experienced it again. This time, she decided to explore the “sound” options on her phone and discovered that the sound that has been waking her up is not on her phone. Yet, when it happened, she was able to turn the noise off from the phone. This left us a bit puzzled and wondering what could be happening – but I still wasn’t too concerned and figured it was some weird quirk of the phone.

This morning I arose before dawn, crawled out of bed as usual and got my cup of coffee. I then walked into my office – located just outside the bedroom – and went to work. Sometime later, the dog decided it was time to go out and came into my office to notify me.

When I passed the bedroom door, I noticed that my lamp was on – which wouldn’t be that unusual except I know I didn’t turn it on. I never turn it on in the morning, as there is enough light from an outside streetlight to see clearly in the room without the lamp.

Ordinarily, I’d simply assume I turned the light on for some explained reason – but after yesterday’s mysterious “Pssst!” and the odd cell phone behavior – it has me wondering again.


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