Ghost Hunters — Fact or Faked Random Thoughts


Let's Make a UFO Video!

Maybe I’m a little touchy lately, but I found the Fact or Faked episode a bit offensive last night. I have to wonder what SyFy was thinking when they ran the Fact or Faked episode trying to debunk ghostly images at Waverly Hills Sanitarium immediately after the Ghost Hunters episode investigating Waverly Hills. That in itself seemed a bit tacky.

It seemed a bit like suggesting that Fact or Faked is an authority on the paranormal, while paranormal investigators — like TAPS — who spend their lives in the trenches doing all the work are bumbling idiots who don’t know the difference between two space heaters setting in a hallway and an apparition.

I mean really, who goes ghost hunting, sets two space heaters in the middle of a hallway and then goes “Holy cow I caught a ghost!” when the heat signature shows up on film?

I’m tired of the Fact or Faked crew with all their theatrics and scripted lines. We won’t even mention the stupidity of thinking someone who wanted to “fake” a UFO sighting would think:

“Let me fill a pool with ping pong balls and create some mist with dry ice and film it. That will make everyone believe in UFOs!”

Sure, one might be able to duplicate the images that way, but if you are going to debunk paranormal claims, use some common sense.

I did enjoy Ghost Hunters, but I got the nagging feeling something was off last night when Jay and Grant captured the three voices. I take my cues from Grant’s expressions and reactions to events, and something felt wrong.

Was it my imagination? Probably. As I said, I’ve been a little touchy lately and might be a wee bit critical.


3 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters — Fact or Faked Random Thoughts

  1. The three voices sure sounded like chatter between people over walkie-talkies, almost like someone in an adjacent room accidentally pulled their earpiece. They didn’t sound or say anything “ghostly”. Sounded like crew members talking… “I don’t think that…” Cut off by “yeah, I see them”… Why keep it in the show though?

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