The Others . . .

I just finished watching “The Others”. I find it such a fascinating movie.

I must admit that on occasion, while wandering around my home, I wonder if someone in the future is watching me and calling me a residual ghost. And then, I wonder, if they were, what would they see me doing?

Would they see me sitting at my desk typing? Sitting in my backyard admiring my garden? Walking down the little country lane with my dog?

If I’m going to be a residual ghost, I hope at least I’m doing something I enjoy — not something terribly mundane and useless like washing dishes or doing laundry.

What do you think? Do ever wonder if actions you perform now might be viewed at some point in the future by some unsuspecting person who chooses to occupy your space? Do you ever wonder if the bumps in the night are really ghosts or if you are the ghost and they are the real inhabitants of your home?


Hey! What do you have to say, today?

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