Phantom Voices and Open Doors

It’s been really quiet on the home front for while now, but lately there have been a couple of odd things happening that I’m not sure how to explain. First let me explain that the attic door is right behind my desk in my office. It’s always a bit of a looming presence because I can’t see it when I work — but typically there are no issues.

Last week, my husband had been up there for something and I distinctly remember him asking me that evening if the he had closed the door all the way.

I checked the knob, gave a good push on the door to be sure, and assured him it was securely closed.

The following day I was out on errands and the house was left empty, except for the cat and dog.

When I returned the attic door was wide open. The rest of the family rationalized that the dog must have pushed it open. Under normal circumstances, I would have to agree, but I am so sure the door was closed and latched that it nagged at me for a day or two.

Last night, as I was sitting in my office writing, I heard an odd noise. I’m not sure if it was a voice or some other sound. I was willing to dismiss it, even though the TV was off and I had no idea where it came from.

Suddenly, I heard my husband say, “What?” Knowing there was no one around for him to speak to, I assumed he was speaking to me. I got up and walked out and asked him who he was talking to. He looked around and said, “Oh. I thought I heard someone say ‘Wow!’ right behind me.” This took my interest, but I figured it was just a noise …

This morning before leaving the house, I made the usual rounds closing the bathroom and laundry doors, as the dog (we presume) pushes the door to the laundry room and goes in to explore (although we have no idea why or what he finds so interesting in there) when we are gone. I pushed on the door and it swung open. I adjusted the knob and made sure the door “latched” properly. I pushed on the door to check and it didn’t budge.

When I got home, the laundry door was wide open. I am absolutely certain the door was latched securely before I left.

It all leaves me wondering if some unseen force is playing with me. I mean, really, doors don’t normally open on their own and voices don’t typically appear in thin air. I’ve gotten used to the little sounds that we hear regularly. Pops and creaks that seem to come out of nowhere are no longer a cause for alarm. But, doors opening are another story.

It’s not like I am afraid or feel threatened, but I do have unsettling feeling that perhaps there is more to this house than meets the eye.


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