Disappearing Object Found in Unlikely Place

I know we’ve talked about disappearing objects a couple of times, but the latest event in our household surpasses a misplaced pot or pan that turns up in an unlikely place.

One of my children “lost” her Pokemon binder from when she was young. No one has seen it for at least three years, when we moved into a new house. We have assumed it was packed away in some unused corner of the attic waiting to be found.

Before I go on, let me explain that when we moved, we transported everything across town in personal vehicles. There were no movers involved. I personally went through the old house and vacuumed out closets and checked by kid’s rooms. The binder was not there.

Fast forward three years and a few months..

My daughter is now ready to go off to college and we take a trip to the big city to do some shopping. We drive into the Goodwill (70 miles from home) and browse for odd and ends for her room.

She notices a big binder and opens it. Inside is a neat array of Pokemon cards. She browses the pages, and notices that it has the same cards she had when she was young, she turns a few more pages and notices some “empty pockets” just like in her old binder, she turns to the end and finds several sheets of blank notebook paper at the back of the binder “just like her old binder.” At this point, the theme song from twilight zone plays in her head and she closes the book to take a closer look at the front cover. There on the cover are the very stickers (unrelated to Pokemon)she had placed as a child. The binder WAS her old binder. These WERE her Pokemon cards.

These cards were not left in the old house. No one in the family donated them to Goodwill.(We didn’t donate anything to anywhere.) No one gave them away. No one sold them at a yard sale. No one has seen them for at least three years.

So, I ask you. How did they get to the Goodwill still intact, in the same order, complete with loose leaf paper in the back of the book– THREE years later and 70 miles away? ( I will also note that when the clerk put them in the bag, she tipped the binder and cards began to spill out … yet they stayed neatly in order for three years.)

I can’t help but think there is some message to all of this. But then I haven’t filled you in on the unusual way an old roommate I hadn’t seen for 30 years made contact and how it ties into the story.


3 thoughts on “Disappearing Object Found in Unlikely Place

  1. I’ve been researching this for awhile now, I was about to sell my van that kept breaking down and I told it that was my intent, so my wife and I went to get the title for trade in purposes. During which time the van’s horn started blowing in the garage. We never located the title even though we knew where we kept such documents. Ultimately had to get a new one, only 8 dollars, no big deal.
    Two weeks later after a trade in the old title showed up in my sock drawer on top of the socks! I open that drawer daily. Where had it been. I’ll probably never find out.

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