Haunted Collector Slaughter House

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting a little tired of the SyFy line up of paranormal shows. I mean,  does anyone really believe that Zaffis and his crew are receiving communication from the dead through a vamped up radio scanner they call a “Ghost Box”?

Let assume for a moment that it did allow them to communicate with spirits. Why wouldn’t they use it in every case and in every situation? Why waste valuable time and energy running around with EMF detectors and recorders when you can talk to the spirits with a flip of a switch?

But that wasn’t the worst part of their recent show.

First we have members of the team walking  two miles to the crossroads to locate an item that has been buried. Okay. I can accept that at face value, although it was bit of stretch. But, why did they walk for two miles? Do they not have a vehicle?  Then they “find” the buried item wrapped in tinfoil and placed under a big rock. I don’t know about you, but placing something under a rock isn’t what I call burying. If  I had to guess, I’d say the item was placed there the day before the show was filmed.

I was also a bit struck by the fact that everyone was “shocked” to find that animals were slaughtered in a barn. I mean, as offensive as some may find it, there is nothing unusual about a skinning knife and the fact that animals were slaughtered in a barn. The burgers didn’t jump off those cows on their own, now did they?

It was the second investigation that really bothered me.

This is what I’m thinking. If the gentleman in the episode was really being “bothered” by some entity and he called in psychics to assess his home, and the psychics told him that something was under the carpeting, don’t you think he would have lifted up the carpeting to see what was there?

I don’t know about you, but if I were in his situation, I would have ripped up the carpet whether I believed the psychic or not.  Where’s the logic and seeking the help of psychics and ignoring what they tell you? Where’s the logic in calling in Haunted Collectors when you haven’t even followed through with the help you already received?

I’m thinking that if Zaffis is right and all these hauntings are due to haunted items that someone should be telling  Jay and Grant. While they are at it, give ’em a Ghost Box, too. Obviously TAPS is behind the times and isn’t keeping up to date on the current state of affairs when it comes to paranormal investigations.




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