Haunted Collector Not What I Expected

I don’t know about you, but I found Haunted Collector to be a bit disappointing. I don’t know what I expected, but I do know this wasn’t it.

There are several reasons why I consider the show a failure. The first, of course, is that there really wasn’t any evidence that either the “gun” found under the house or the old manual typewriter had any spirits attached to them.  Sure, there was a cold spot detected under the house, but cold spots under houses doesn’t seem out-of-the-ordinary to me.  A few EMF spikes near the typewriter could just as easily have been a passing spirit or some odd anomaly.

Perhaps, if  the team and returned to the kitchen to determine if a cold spot still existed under the floor — Perhaps, if these objects had been tested outside of the home and still showed the same results I would have been a little more convinced. But they weren’t. They were simply picked up and carried away for storage in the Zaffis Museum of Haunted Objects. As far as I can see, any object from the home could have been chosen.

But my main objection to the show is that it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel real. The paranormal investigation felt stilted and scripted. I mean, really, what are the chances of “detecting a cold spot” and going digging under a house in the middle of the night to recover a mysterious gun stored away in a leather box just within reach? I suppose it could happen — and maybe it did — but it didn’t convince me.

I guess I would expect a bit more of a reaction. A bit of surprise, a little disbelief, or a smidgen of confusion might be reasonable reactions. The lack of genuine emotion bothered me.

As always, I loved to hear about your reactions to The Haunted Collector.


4 thoughts on “Haunted Collector Not What I Expected

  1. I was really disappointed in the lack of any logic during the show. It’s as if they’re leaving out entire portions of the show…the ones where they would present their evidence! The last episode I watched, the investigator wasn’t even holding the Gauss meter correctly. If you point it straight up (the type he had) it will squeal and guess what..that’s their “evidence”. Really poor investigating, imo.

    I DO believe that objects can be haunted, as my husband and I once had a haunted bed. There was no doubt about it. But using their methods of investigation, you never would have known it.

    The show drives me crazy and I won’t be watching it anymore. I wasn’t impressed with the Warrens and am not impressed with John Zaffis. I thought he had more on the ball. 😦

    That’s a really good question about Zaffis taking the objects to his “museum”. I thought exactly the same thing. Why not do a REAL investigation of the museum now and see what turns up? If any of those objects are haunted, it would be quite interesting.

  2. This show drives me crazy. It’s really interesting how all those valuable items are “haunted”. To be honest to me it feels like a nice way of scamming people into giving out their valuables for free. I’m not saying they are trying to scam people but that’s just what I felt when I watched the show.
    Really original way of building up a nice collection of valuables.

  3. Well, I agree with you on all points. The other thing is if these things are haunted as they say. Why would he take them to his home and keep them? It looks a bit questionable for more reasons than one. Maybe free antiques?

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