Ghost Hunters at Fort Knox in Maine airs Wed April 6th

I know it may not seem like much to you, but this week’s Ghost Hunters Show is a special episode for me. You see, the Ghost Hunter’s Show actually visited Maine and investigated our very own Fort Knox. Don’t ask me how, but I somehow missed the entire visit.

But this is a site that I’ve been to on several occasions. In fact, I attended a Paranormal Fair there a couple of years ago. I’m sorry to report that I’ve never had a paranormal experience there. The only creepiness I experienced was the way you can suddenly leave a warm sunny day behind and plunge into dark damp stone hallways  . . . or the way a room suddenly appears from nowhere in the darkness.

I gathered a bit of background info for you, if you are interested.

This video gives you a view of what the inside of the Fort looks like–but its not really a ghost hunting video.

View of the Fort from the top of the tower.

A Little History (please excuse the lovely background music)  and some nice shots of the inside of the Fort.


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