Fact or Faked Returns Wednesday March 23

Fact or Faked Paranormal Files has moved to Wednesday Night and begins its new season on Wednesday March 23–airing after Ghost Hunters. I’m not so sure that following TAPS in the lineup is a good move for Fact or Faked. I was willing to tune in on Thursdays to get an additional day of paranormal viewing–but I think this move is a mistake. I’m sure the reasoning is that Ghost Hunters viewer will hang around to watch the show, but I think it has some inherrent problems.

Unless they have done a major overhaul of the show, it simply isn’t up to the standards of Ghost Hunters and reminds me more of a groups of kids playing than it does serious paranormal investigators.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for debunking–but making up scenarios of possible ways an event could be faked doesn’t cut it for me. We won’t even mention that sometimes their techniques leave a bit to be desired in the first place. (Remember the ghost writer episode, anyone?)

But, I’m keeping an open mind and hoping they have learned from their mistakes and can produce a quality show.

Trailers for the new episode are not working on SyFy, but there is a short clip from YouTube. If anything better becomes available I’ll include it here–but for this is as good as it gets.



3 thoughts on “Fact or Faked Returns Wednesday March 23

    • If the activity begins again, like it appears may happen, I’ll post everything.

      It’s good to talk to you again.

  1. Hey old friend! :o) How have you been? I see you’re still blogging. I’ve got some reading to do I guess.

    I thought you might be interested, after a year and a half of no activity at all, I’m suddenly getting footsteps and noises at night again. That is exactly how the first round started.

    Only this time there are voices too.

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