Maddie the Ghost Hunting Dog Joins Ghost Hunters

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the new Ghost Hunters Show and the debut of Maddie the Ghost Hunting Dog.  My first reaction was that it was kind of silly to add a dog to the show and figured it was probably just another publicity stunt.

I was a bit afraid SyFy was up to their old tricks of adding some drama simply to pull in readers. So I did a little research. What I found out was a bit more interesting than I expected–although I did uncover a few unusual characters along the way.  The most interesting was a woman who claims to take her fish and snake along on Ghost Hunts because they can detect changes in temperature.

I couldn’t help but think that if were the ghost she was hunting, I’d be hiding in a corner as soon as she revealed some creepy crawly snake–but then that’s just me. Perhaps other ghosts are attracted to such creatures–they are after all living on the dark side. Who am I to judge who they choose for playmates?

It seems that using animals in a Paranormal Investigation isn’t that unusual and really does have some advantages I hadn’t thought about–including helping to debunk phantom sounds or smells. I won’t repeat the whole thing here, if you are interested, you can read my results in SyFy Ghost Hunters Introduce Ghost Hunting Dog.

Although I’m not expecting miracles here, and I’m not so sure I’m ready to take a dog’s word for it about paranormal activity–I do know that my animals often watch things I simply cannot see and react to some unknown force. The thought that they may really be seeing ghosts creeps me out a bit, but then you already know how I feel about ghosts in my own house.

So mark your calendars and get all your work out of the way before Wednesday night and get ready to watch the debut of Maddie the Ghost Hunting Dog.


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