Restless Spirits or a Series of Unsettling Events?

Things a have a bit unsettling of late, but I hesitate to call them paranormal. First I had the experience of sitting at my desk writing late at night and hearing odd noises. At first, I thought the cat was playing around my desk and didn’t give it much thought. I had headphones on listening to music as I worked, so I wasn’t sure exactly what I was hearing.

I’d take off my headphones and the noise would stop. I’d look around and find nothing. Once I’d put the headphones on and go back to work, the noises would begin again. At one point I even pulled back the drapes to explore the area outside the house thinking perhaps there was some animal outside–but I found nothing.

It continued for about half and hour, until I turned around. To my surprise, the attic door was open about a foot and the sound I was hearing was identical to the sound the door makes against the floor when it opens. I closed the door and the noise “went away”.

How it got open is a mystery as we are very conscious of keeping it closed tightly to prevent the cat or dog from exploring.

That in itself was a bit unsettling, but there was nothing to point to any other-worldly presence–so I rationalized that perhaps the door was open a crack and a draft from the attic caused it to open further. Now, I know that’s unlikely because the door is old and warped so it rubs against the floor and it takes considerably force to open it–but then one simply can’t go crying “paranormal” at every creaking door.

The next night, my cat started a strange new behavior. She goes to the attic door, stares up at it and cries.


That too seems pretty normal–but she has never been up there and is a house cat that has never ventured out the front door. This behavior spooked me a bit.

A few days later, my daughter went to bed and within the hour she came flying out of her room in fear. Apparently, a music box began playing on its own and awoke her from sleep. This too seems pretty normal, if you are a rationalizing sort of person–which I obviously am.

On inspection, I discover that the music box is her childhood music box with the dancing ballerina. It has been placed in the corner of the room on the top of a dresser. Not only is it away from her bed so there is no possibility that she jarred the dresser in her sleep–it has not been touched in months. The music box has been sitting open for months without making a sound–yet, it began to play music and woke her up. Odd indeed.

The following night the cat returned to the attic door and yowled incessantly while staring at the top of the door. I literally shooed her away three or four times before she gave up her quest.

Are these unrelated natural events that only seem spooky under the cover of darkness? Probably. But that doesn’t keep me from being creeped out by them.


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