How to Become a MUFON Volunteer Investigator


Last night I watched an interesting show about MUFON and UFO investigations and I noticed the investigators were referred to as volunteers. This made me wonder exactly what kind of training they received that qualified them to make judgments about the reports of witnesses. According to their site, volunteers receive extensive training that includes a wide range of topics. Below is a brief description of MUFON and the training required to become a MUFON volunteer.

Founded in 1969, the Mutual UFO Network Inc. (MUFON) is comprised of volunteers who investigate reportings of UFOs in an attempt to either verify the sighting or uncover alternate explanations for the event. In this context volunteer simply means MUFON investigators are not paid for their work and has nothing to do with their training.

To become a MUFON investigator, volunteers must complete training in the areas of electromagnetic properties, light and optics, radio and radar, sound, celestial objects, photography, measurements, physical traces and atmosphere—all contained in their Field Investigator’s Training Manual.

Trainees must also complete the exam and pass with a score of 80%, pass a background check and receive training in investigative methods including record keeping, interviewing and ethics.

Once the training is complete, volunteers are asked to participate in investigations with experienced MUFON investigators before beginning investigations on their own.


**Anyone wishing to become a MUFON investigator should visit the Steps to Becoming a MUFON investigator for more detailed information.


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