Disappearing Objects

I wrote an article sometime back called Disappearing Object Phenomenon: Is it For Real and have been thinking about it ever since. Until that time, I didn’t know other people experienced this, and I simply thought I was absent minded–as a matter of fact, I wrote the article a bit tongue in cheek, but soon experienced something that changed my mind. I won’t repeat it here, but if  you are interested in my experience you can read about that in my post  Speaking of Disappearing Objects.

Several months ago, I lost the cover to my turkey roaster. I’ve looked everywhere–I’ve even emptied the drawers in  case it could somehow fit under my other pans. I’ve looked outside on the off chance that I carried it outside with me when distracted. I haven’t found the roaster cover and it bothers me a bit. It’s too big to be accidentally thrown away, or slip behind other objects. And that’s what brings me back to my original article and experience.

I received a few responses to that article from people who wished to share their experiences and I thought I’d take a moment today to share them with you.

The first comes from an unidentified guest:

My pay as you go electric utility box went missing for three months. It’s about 6 by 8 inches, and was always plugged into a wall behind  my roommates only couch.

One day no one could find the box. Not me, not my roommate, or even my girlfriend. We all looked on and off for three months in my small apartment. I personally  lifted and moved the couch on two occasions to look for the box, but there was no utility box anywhere.

One day while my roommate was away on vacation for a week, I looked to the side of the couch–there on the floor, right next to it was our SRP box. My roommate even asked me where I found it when he came back.

I know that nobody hid it because we racked up a $150 debt thanks to it missing. And the fact that it appeared while I was home alone for a week also attests that no one could have placed it back.

I do believe this phenomena is not always human error. I am a strong believer of this DOP effect due to this experience of mine.

Ami’s account of her experience is a bit more invloved:

Very briefly, items have been mysteriously appearing and disappearing in our house for about 8 months. Strangely, neither of us has yet felt particularly threatened and have actually found the whole thing quite fun.

However, a few months ago, a CD case of mine that had disappeared about 7 months previously, suddenly reappeared again in an obscure part of the house. Only one of 5 original CD’s was inside. I checked that it was ok and put it back into the case and then put the case on the locker next to our bed. Next morning, the case was still there but the CD had been replaced with a blank, taken from another shelf in the same room.

This marked the start of a whole series of strange happenings and a ratchetting up of the frequency of these incidents. We’ve had pictures being moved around in the bedroom. We don’t physically see them move but when we enter the bedroom they have been moved from their original positions and have been placed on different walls.

**Please feel free to add your own experiences in the comment section to share with other readers!**


6 thoughts on “Disappearing Objects

  1. So when i was in 8th grade ive had several things disapear including pencils, a note book, a asigment notebook, and even a blue caculator that was in my back pack. The asigment note book dissapeared and reapeared two times but the rest of my things never turned up. It stoped when i was in freshmen year. Yesturday an occurence has disturbed me when my portable charger that i put with the rest of my things disapeared. I clearly rememember putting it in my back pack wnd it was gone when i took everything out when i got home and nobody would steal from me. What is realy wird was the cord that i use to charge it also disapeared at the same time but the adapter that i use was still there. This is very frustrating and i need a solution to stop this because the disapearing object phenomenon is very anoing and i can’t deal with this any longer. I need to know what is causing it and i want it to stop and i want to find the portable charger and cord

  2. Researching DOP today because my husband “lost” his car keys a few months back. We looked everywhere for the keys which he had 15 minutes before they went missing. Today I open the middle compartment in the car and there they are in plain site. Neither one of us put them there and no one else rides in our car or even has access to get inside our car. We have had things come up missing in the past that were never returned. I know a paranormal investigator and she says it’s a spirit and just to talk to it and tell it basically to stop and return the item. So I will try that and see what happens.

  3. We have had several items such as tshirts, keys, a gameboy and mugs dissapear and are never returned. Also, I have had drinking glass on the kitchen counter get replaced with another, different glass when not looking. Very real and spooky.

    • Just had the experience of an item of clothing “appearing” right where it should be in my dresser after being “missing” for a while, myself. Does make you wonder, doesn’t?

  4. After five days of frantically searching for my wedding band that disappeared, it miraculously showed up in the weirdest place. I placed it on my bedroom dresser on a ring holder when I returned home from church Sunday. The next morning it was not there. The following Friday, I went to the bedroom and turned on the light. I moved a few things around and finally gave up and said “Oh well, praise the Lord. I guess I’ll just have to buy a new band”. When I went to turn off the light, it was on the light switch! I was the only one home so I know no one placed it there. This is not the first occurrance of DOP (disappearing object phenomenon) but I’ve come to realize that when we praise God in the midst of our frustration and trials, He will triumph over evil everytime!

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