Paranormal Addiction?

The new issue of TAPS paraMagazine arrived in the mailbox this week and I must admit that I have mixed emotions with the changes I’m seeing. The quality of articles has improved, but I’m not so sure I like the direction the content is going. For those who have not seen it, one of  the featured articles  Paranormal Addiction by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, addressed addiction in its many forms and attempted to make connections between paranormal enthusiasts and addiction. Although it is well written and provides solid information about addictions, it lacks the necessary support that “Paranormal Addiction” is an real issue–other than a fictional scenario and quoting a couple of “tweets.”

I’m not denying that “some” may be addicted to or obsessed with the paranormal, just like any other activity–but presenting it as though it were a major issue seems a bit of stretch.

I can’t help but wonder what TAPS paraMagazine was thinking with this. Do they not realize that the very people who read their magazine are those most likely to fit the description of a person suffering from a Paranormal Addiction? Do they not realize that if we were all “cured” they’d lose their following?

Maybe I’ve taken it all wrong. If you’ve read the article, I’d love to hear your reactions to it. Won’t you drop a line in the comment section to share your views?


2 thoughts on “Paranormal Addiction?

  1. I am addicted to a particular location also addicted to ANYTHING paranormal. Have been since I can remember. I love the unknown! Sleep hypnosis is the way to the Paranormal world. Our bodies are vessels, this isn’t it. This is just a pit stop!

  2. i think i am addicted to the paranormal and the thought scares me because i’m afraid i might do something stupid just to interact with spirits, which i know can be very dangerous.

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