Ghost Hunter’s International New Season Shows Promise

I was pleasantly surprised by the season premiere of Ghost Hunters International last night. I think they have finally developed  a good team that can pull this show off. Although I will miss Chris Williams and Britt Griffith on Ghost Hunters, I think they add credibility to Ghost Hunters International.

I was impressed with Chris and Barry as investigative partners. Either Chris’ influence has tempered Barry’s approach or he has mellowed on his own–but this show appeared more “real” to me than others. I’m glad Barry has chosen to lose the showmanship and get down to the business of investigating.

Joe Chin and Britt Griffith appeared to work well together. Initially, I was concerned that they might not hit it off as team, but I think my concerns were unfounded. Although not quite a lively and entertaining as Steve and Tango from Ghost Hunters, this pair may prove to be very effective.

Susan Slaughter and Paul Bradford didn’t impress me, but then I’ve always felt that Susan is a little to eager to talk and approaches her investigations a bit on the aggressive side without taking time to stop, look and listen.

Perhaps we have a good season to look forward to after all.


2 thoughts on “Ghost Hunter’s International New Season Shows Promise

  1. Rob, I wasn’t aware of this. That’s unfortunate. He’s a decent investigator. I’ll have to explore this a bit and see what I can dig up. Thanks for the info.

  2. I enjoyed the episode too tonight. Not sure if you know this but Britt was fired from GHI and SYFY last October for some unofrtunate gay bashing statements he made in a radio interview. Last night’s GHI was one of a few episodes that had already been taped prior to his firing. Not sure who he is being replaced by tho.
    I have heard some rumors that he may be back later after the fall-out dissipates.

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