Could You Be Psychic?


by clarita

I’ve often wondered what its like to be psychic, but I was surprised when I came across a description of traits that might indicate you are psychic. Not because any of them are so unusual, but because they feel so familiar.

To be honest, I thought everyone would relate to them as an integral part of being human. I’m still not convinced that I’m wrong. Maybe you can help me out by giving me a little feedback. I’d love to know if you experience these things too.

They include the typical “knowing” in advance when someone is about to call or an event is about to happen–but also include things I never connected with being psychic, such as “people exhausting you”, “sensing the feelings of others” and staying up late or getting up early for some quiet time.

You can read about it in a bit more detail in The Top Five Signs You Might Be Psychic if you care to learn more. I’d love to hear your reactions and know if these are really signs of being psychic or if you think they are abilities everyone shares whether they realize it or not.


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