Haunted House For Sale

Movies portray unsuspecting families who bought an old home only to discover that it is haunted. Typically, the new home owners don’t want to lose the money they invested in the home, so they ignore the obvious signs in hopes they are either imagining things or the spirits will go away.  Many are based on true stories of families traumatized and broke struggling to survive in the unfriendly home. What these new owners obviously didn’t know is that they may be able to recover the cost of the home from the original seller if he knew or should have known the house was haunted. Laws vary by state, but even in those with “seller beware” laws have been known to order the original owner to refund the purchase price.

I think you’ll find this article interesting and enlightening.

photo by hotblack

Selling a Haunted House: Stigmatized Property Disclosure

December 13, 2010
Haunted homes may be classified as stigmatized property requiring disclosure to prospective buyers, but that isn’t always bad news for sellers. It may open an unexpected market for your home.

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