Twas the Night Before Christmas TAPS Style

photo by melodi2
In the spirit of Christmas I thought you might enjoy a humorous look at TAPS in Twas the Night Before Christmas.

TAPS: Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the night,
Not a spirit was moving not even a ghost light.
The cameras were set, the voice recorders were running,
In hopes TAPS would catch something quite stunning

TAPS members were snuggled all warm in their beds
While visions of ghosties danced in their heads.
Grant in his pjs and Jason in his sweats
Secretly wondered if they had caught anything yet.

When up in the attic there arose such a sound
Grant and Jay raced to stairs and leaped up with a bound.
Grasping the knob, they flew open the door
Leaped over the doorstep and slid on the floor.

Amid the dust in the attic and the light from the hall
They spotted an apparition that was really quite small.
With bright little eyes and hair that went poof
They knew in a moment that they would need proof.

They called in TAPS members. They called and they came.
They yelled and they bellowed and called them by name.

Come Tango! Come Krystin!
Come Heather and Dustin!
Come Barry! Come Brian!
Come Mike and Steve(n)!

Up to the Attic! Up in the dark!
Bring video. Bring Audio. Bring everything you’ve got.
Bring cameras. Bring cameras. We’ve got to get this shot!

Out of their bed, TAPS members sprang with a smile
We’ve waited for this a very long while.
Up to the attic like a flash they flew
With bag full of gadgets and cameras too.

And then came a cry from the back of the room.
A snap and crackle and a then a big boom.
What happened to Grant? Where could he be?
Where is the apparition we came here to see?

They drew in their breath and searched all around,
But Grant was missing and nowhere to be found.
But what was this? Was Jason afraid?
Was that a mournful cry that he made?

No, it was snicker as he tried not to laugh.
Grant was off  in the closet holding a staff.
“Help me! Help me!” Grant cried out in fear.
” I’ll whack that little ghostie, if he dares to come near.”

He looked pretty silly as he batted and swung
A shepherd’s staff couldn’t hurt anyone.
But Grant had been touched and it had set him off balance
So the crew just stood there and smiled in silence.

“Come Grant, it’s okay,” Jason said with a wry smile.
“Come Grant, sit down and rest for while.”
The others were busy as they sneaked round the room
Sensing no spirits that meant to bring doom.

They saw it. They saw it. A wee tiny ghost.
Back in the dark corner was their Christmas Eve host.
It was shaking and shivering as it said to itself,
“I’m not an apparition, I’m Santa’s lost elf.”

The TAPS members stopped right their in their tracks.
They fell to their knees and dropped their gear packs.
A lost little elf, Oh what should they do?
He needed their help and Santa did too.

“We’ll help you find Santa!” they cried out in glee.
“We’ll help you find Santa. We can do it. You’ll see!”

So they packed up the TAPS van and set out on the road
And off to find Santa they drove.
Suddenly they spied old Santa perched on a roof top
But before he could leave, Jason yelled “Stop.”

Santa turned slowly and broke out in a smile
“Why Jason,” he declared, “It’s been quite a while.”
As he descended to meet him, Jason danced in delight
Meeting Santa was more than he expected tonight.

He relayed the elf’s message then to Jason’s surprise
Santa greeted the crew with round of High Fives.
Jason turned to old Santa and said with a beam
Finding the spirit of Christmas is Ghost Hunter’s Dream.

Jason whispered to Santa when he drew near
“But I need proof you really were here”
Santa’s knees buckled at the unusual request
And whispered, “I’ll pose. You do the rest.”

“Get a picture. Get a picture!” Jason shouted with glee.
“Get a picture of Santa standing right here with me.”
So Santa he posed with Jason that day
And gave a quick smile before flying away.

TAPS now had proof that Santa exists, they believe.
But the critics all cry, “TAPS is only out to deceive!”
So all that is left is a photo to view.
Whether you believe it or not, is all up to you.


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