Fact or Faked: Moon Landing Video Evidence

I don’t know about you, but I was a bit disappointed with Fact or Faked and their attempts to disprove the Moon Landing. Not only did they ignore the claims and rationale of others (see the video below) that have direct bearing on the topic–when they concluded that the images could be faked, they did the song and dance about how “just because we can replicate it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen ”  and assured the world they believe it to be true. That is all well and good and I have no arguments with that. However, IF they choose to take that stance it needs to apply to ALL of their cases. This clearly isn’t the case.

My issue, today isn’t with whether the moon landing was faked, but with Fact or Faked’s seeming hypocrisy when it comes to reviewing evidence. If their conclusion relies on whether or not they “believe” in the first place–what’s the point of the show?

Interestingly, they did spur me to deep a bit deeper into the claims that the moon landing photos are faked. Check out this video. It presents some interesting information that certainly appears to throw some question on the Moon Landing videos and photos we have come to accept as actual footage.




One thought on “Fact or Faked: Moon Landing Video Evidence

  1. The part that bothers me most about these seemingly disinformation artists is their lack of true investigation (as stated above). They often times have made up their minds as to fact or faked before they set out to investigate.

    Interestingly, in the moon landing hoax episode, the evidence seemed to clearly point to the fact that the landing “could” have been hoaxed until the end of the explanation where they starting backpedaling just like I suspected they would.

    They talk about the suit being pressurized and it was basically the suit straightening itself out. If this was the case (as in the suit had so much pressure as to spring a man straight up and back), how did he get it to bend in the first place, and why did he need help getting up?

    Secondly, when they are giving their debriefing they go into total denial that there is ANY possibility of a faked moon landing. In fact, the camera circles the room twice while every single one of them doubts (by shaking their heads in agreement) ANY possibility of a moon landing being faked.

    In my opinion, this show isn’t credible and neither are they. It reminds me of Decoded in that they seem bought and paid for.

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