Somethings are easier to ignore than others..

Chances are that if you are visiting my blog you’ve had a few paranormal experiences of your own. Maybe they were subtle occurrences that were easy to explain away. Maybe you had to stretch it a bit to rationalize them, but you managed. Most of the unusual things that happen to us are like that. We are left wondering if something paranormal is involved, but we keep silent because those around us scoff or look at us like we’ve suddenly gone mad.

I do it all the time. Not because I am afraid, but because my mind wants to find order in my world and accepts the most reasonable explanation it can. This morning is different.

No. I didn’t have some earth shattering experience that sent me shrieking in fear. In fact, I wasn’t even afraid. But, my morning did begin with something I simply cannot explain.

I was the only one awake. I put my coffee in the microwave and headed down the usual path to the bathroom. Nothing was amiss. No sense of a presence. No eerie feelings. Everything was as it should be in the bathroom. I quickly washed by face and headed back to the kitchen.

By now, my coffee was hot and while I stood in the kitchen adding creamer, I suddenly heard the sound of a small motor. I thought perhaps my husband had left a fan on.  As I approached the sound, I discovered it was coming from the bathroom. At this point, I thought the tank was overfilling on the toilet and I quickly swung open the door.

It was then that I realized what I was hearing was an electric toothbrush. There, sitting at the back of the sink, was my husband’s toothbrush twirling happily on its own.

Now, before you ask.. no I didn’t move anything remotely close to the toothbrush. I didn’t hit it. I didn’t knock it over. I didn’t move it. It was a good foot from anything I touched, and it wasn’t running when I was in the bathroom.

As any good ghost hunter would do — once I turned it off–yes it was in the full on position — I tried several times to see exactly how much pressure was needed to turn it on. The button must be pushed upward all the way to keep the toothbrush running. It can’t be nudged or jolted to the on position.

So how do I rationalize that? Am I really supposed to believe that my husband put his toothbrush away without turning it off  and didn’t notice, that the toothbrush ran all night AND that I didn’t notice when I went to the bathroom in the morning?


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