Fact or Faked Debunk BigFoot and Alien Invaders

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning (?) to feel as though the Fact or Faked Team thinks their viewers are idiots. I mean, really, did any of you REALLY have any doubts about the story of the Alien ripping apart the dog?

If it had happened, do you really think a whack with stick would disable an alien that was capable of ripping a dog apart and pulling its backbone out?

Do you really think the man would have bundled up the alien and taken it home to put in his freezer and then in the middle of the night decide to get up and explore it?

And then there is the blinking eyes. Well, one would assume this meant it was alive, right? Do you really think he would have handled it after what he claims it did to his dog?

The whole episode made me shake my head in disbelief. If a man in gorrilla suit and a fake alien are the best Fact or Faked can come up with, they might as well hang it up now.

I thought it was going to be a serious show that made real attempts to uncover unexplained events and sightings.

Maybe if you folks get busy and send in your best videos they will have something better to work with.


One thought on “Fact or Faked Debunk BigFoot and Alien Invaders

  1. The guy that made that video and told the story made it all up. It was proven and people in the U.F.O. community was super pissed at him. I do agree however the show itself isn’t that good.

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