Are UFOs for Real?

I thought I’d stop by and leave a link to an article I wrote some time ago on UFOs. If you’ve got a minute, stop over and read it and leave your comments in the comment section. I’d love to hear what you are all thinking tonight.

She described the UFOs as three lights evenly spaced that moved across the sky at a consistent pace. As soon as one light reached the horizon and disappeared from sight, another would appear out of the opposite side of the sky and continue the progression across the sky.

2 thoughts on “Are UFOs for Real?

  1. Yes, I have. One hovered just outside of our house when I was 17. It was a circular object, with lights around the middle part that flashed on and off and the craft had a humming sound. I lived in a very remote area on a very large farm. I was all alone and it was dusk, in the summer. As soon as my mom and dad came home, (you could see the car coming in the road in the distance)>>>then the craft vanished completely within a matter of seconds. I was terrified and ran in the house and got the gun and prayed. Ever since then I always look>hoping to see another one.

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