Fact or Faked Paranormal Files Meet the Team

There have been some interesting theories about the identity the Night Crawlers in last weeks episode. I’ve seen everything from horses, miniature horses, cats and bipedal reptiles.
I considered the concept of a person wearing a costume, much like Halloween costumes that was designed so portions of the costume blended into the background with only the white being visible. But, I quickly realized that if a portion of the body was “invisible” to the eye, it would still cast a shadow. Scratch that idea.
I have to hand it to the Fact or Faked Team for this one. To my knowledge, no one has come forward with a reasonable explanation. Just to make sure I wasn’t being hoaxed by a fly-by-night “team” I did a little exploring to find out a bit about the members of the Fact or Faked team. You can read what I discovered in
As always, I’m eager to hear what you think. Got a theory? Notice something no one else has mentioned? Drop us a line in the comments for everyone to read.

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