NightCrawler Fact or Faked

For those of you who caught Fact or Faked Paranormal Files last night: What on earth did you make of the “Night crawler”? My family watched it with a good sense of humor and got a few laughs about the invasion of stick people, but in all seriousness …. what could it be?

Just as an example of how we often see what we expect to see, I have to share my experience with watching the video. I expected the image to move across the screen from right to left. Not sure why, but my mind was convinced the image was moving in that direction. As a consequence, I perceived the camera moving and interpreted the movement of the “object” towards the viewer as camera movement, and concentrated on seeing movement across the screen. I couldn’t see it moving. I called my husband in and rewound the tape to ask if he could see the object move.

Needless to say he was shocked and confused by my claims that I could not see it moving. I made him go up to the screen and show me, but I still couldn’t see it. Later in the show, I suddenly realized that the object was moving toward the camera. The movement became clear and I could no longer imagine why I couldn’t see it in the first place.

I share this experience to offer the possibility that sometimes things appear completely different from reality because our mind perceives it in a way that aligns with our expectations.

Does it explain the night crawler? Probably not, but it did give me reason to pause and consider how our expectations alter what we see.

Check out the discussions about the night crawler on Fact or Faked‘s face Book page.

6 thoughts on “NightCrawler Fact or Faked

  1. I saw this tonight on a repeat showing. It’s a strange one that’s for sure. At first I thought the images were adult sized so just figured it was someone messing around but when they arrived at the house and compared it to the little boy I realised how small and thin it must have been.

    I didn’t really think anything of their investigations on the open land though, the figures they saw there were probably people (public land – anyone could have been up there) and the camera could easily have been knocked down by a cat or something.

    They didn’t say if the guy is still recording though. If that was my garden, I would have upgraded to a better camera and had it running every single night since then.

  2. I truly think that this may be hard facts of either a new type of animal, or something truly extraterrestrial, I don’t think, however, that this is a ghostly image. In all truth, I know that this is not a hoax, and if it was, it must have been some sort of machine. The first time I saw this, I wondered what the things were, and even now, after viewing the video many times, I can’t think of anything logical that this thing can be. Is it alien, or just a new type of animal, waiting to be discovered. This video in Fresno, California, leaves many puzzled. I think that I’ve seen these things, yet I live in Connecticut, which is on the other side of the country, which makes me believe that it is probably an animal, not an alien. Whatever the case, until scientists figure out what this thing is, the video will continue to baffle many.

  3. I’m still quite stumped, and I’m very skeptic in nature. I actually wish I would’ve been there that night when they did the investigation in the woods. Seemed like a creepy experience, even though chances are it wasn’t “nightcrawler” related.

    Cool video, and I will be keeping tabs on the internet to see if anyone figures out a logical explanation to the creatures.

    • Interesting thought, but according to the video as presented a MUFON and the Fact or Faked show, the “creatures” on video were probably 2 to 3 feet tall. If you look at the height of the tree compared to the man standing by it in the video, you can get a rough guess of the height of this mysterious nightcrawler.

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