Night Crawler Fact or Faked video

Here’s the original presentation of the video used on Fact or Faked as presented at the 2008 MUFON Symposium in San José (July 2008). Watch closely to all the footage. There does appear to be a “head” which I was not able to see on Fact or Faked.

Watch what appeared to be moving legs in the television broadcast. It does look like fabric of sorts that is catching the light. Check the shadow.. there is no separation as the “legs” move.


10 thoughts on “Night Crawler Fact or Faked video

  1. @Riot

    It couldn’t have been any item of clothing, there is no swaying motion. If you watched Fact or Faked on Syfy, you will see that the experiments tested proved that it couldn’t be replicated.

  2. Well to me looking at this video,is nothing because i have see creatures far more scary than this,one example is Dwarfs.It not possible for human to see them unless you are gifted.Camera can’t capture they are image nor take a picture of it.There are more things that we can’t see with our naked eyes.To understand this types of creatures and more you have to understand what’s in the spirit world because Bible talks about all these things so as the Quran.Either this footage is true or not I want everyone to know that such things and even more scary than this exist .

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