Disappearing objects strike again

I know I shouldn’t be surprised when something goes missing and then returns, but I always am.

Last week when I got ready to cook dinner, I went to the cupboard for a can of cream of mushroom soup. I reached for it and it wasn’t there. I moved every can on the shelf because I knew I had a can soup on the shelf. It wasn’t there.

I looked on all the shelves. I looked in the kitchen. I looked in the dining room. I looked with the cereal. I looked everywhere. It was nowhere to be found.

I took the cans off the shelf. I checked every label. There was no soup.

I gave up, rationalizing that someone must have used it and went to the store to buy a can. I bought two for good measure. I came home, made the casserole and set the extra can on the shelf.

Tonight when I reached for a can of veggies, there was the can of soup sitting right in front, along with the extra can I had purchased. I know it was the missing can because it was a store brand and the new soup was Campbells.

Where did it come from? Where had it been?

I have no explanation.


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