Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Last night’s episode of Ghost Hunters brought up an interesting topic, even though it was not pursued on camera. When Chris and Britt were investigating the ballroom in The Southern Mansion in Cape May, they caught glimpses of movement in the mirror. Upon investigation they were unable to either debunk the images or find any evidence of activity in the room. A review of audio and video equipment revealed nothing to cause what they witnessed.

This left me wondering exactly what they had witnessed. Was it an over-active imagination, eyes playing tricks on them in the dark or could there actually have been activity in the mirror?

For years, people have believed that mirrors serve as portals for spirits, although it has never been proven scientifically. I am unaware of any evidence caught on video or camera to support these claims and have not experienced it myself. It does give me pause.

As most of you know, I am a healthy skeptic when it comes to the paranormal. I have experienced some unexplained events in my life and know people whose claims I cannot ignore, but I am not quite ready to subscribe to a belief in ghosts and spirits. What causes the many unusual events in our lives is not something I can qualify with certainty.

I have often wondered how many events it takes to change a skeptic to a believer and if the severity of the events is a factor. Perhaps there is some invisible line that must be crossed in our lives before we are able to take the leap or perhaps it is simply the willingness to believe that forces beyond our control share our living space and that maybe, just maybe, they are the souls of those who have gone before us.

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2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

  1. I would like to respond to the last paragraph of the top post, where the guy talks about what it would take to get off the skeptic wagon and become a believer.
    I think you’ve over complicated the whole thing. For me it took one encounter. And trust me when it happens to you, you will instantly become a believer for life. Hopefully, it never does happen to you, they can be unpleasant experiences as well as very pleasant. for me, I could explain away a lot of things but there are some things that can occur during an experience, above and beyond that actual experience, that I cannot describe, you must experience it for yourself to really understand. When it happens to a person, you know. No doubt. Trust me on this.

  2. I have experienced many unexplained events in my life from being touched/seen dark shadow figures I even had an experience I can only describe as out of body!So I have a very deep personal interest in the unusual for obvious reasons!!I’m going to toss out an incomplete theory(full of holes) that has been running through my head the last few weeks!It has to do with light and time!!Im going to apply this theory to the mirror phenomena to inspire thought and constructive debate!!Im a very open minded individual so any/all or none of the explanations could be a possibility when dealing with the paranormal!!There is an old theory that to travel through time you must be able to travel at the speed of light/since light travels at that rate of speed it is plausible that light theoretically can travel through time/could it be that every thing we see is reflected light making a jump through time when conditions are right??Im going to leave it at this point and let others twist,add and cut-up my thoughts/that is why I’m posting on this thread/to see the reaction and learn from others that my be thinking the same way!!!P.S-Can someone please let me know if I can have a chance to tryout for the show?I have allot to offer and Iam a quick study with loads of life experiences and being an outdoorsman Iam counted on and rely on my companions in potentially deadly situations!!I would like to share my experiences with your crew/I cannot openly talk with people about my paranormal encounters without being deemed crazy/there are to many closed minds in the world!Your crew would really help me wrap my head around what has been going on for the last 25 years of my life!!!!Thank you all for your time and responses!!!!Take care one and all!!!

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