SyFy Ghost Hunters 100th Episode Disappointing

Well, SyFy has done it again and produced a truly disappointing live event for Ghost Hunters. Sometimes, I think they are trying to ruin the show. I looked forward to the return of the TAPS team and all I got was Josh Gates and GHI.

Sure, Jason and Grant were there with a little investigation thrown in, but zooming in and out of the investigation was really annoying. I don’t even understand why it was advertised as a live Ghost Hunters event. The investigation wasn’t live and the event focused on SyFy programing, not on Ghost Hunters.

Makes me wonder what Jason and Grant really think of the way SyFy puts them on parade while de-emphasizing their investigations. Surely, they can’t think this is good for their image or that it pleases their fans.

As most of you know, I’m not fond of GHI. It leaves me feeling like I’m being duped. The theatrics of the show and the lack of genuine personality does nothing to convince me I should believe anything I see.  When I see them in the same show with Jason and Grant, I cringe.

But . . . there is always next week.


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