Ghost Hunters 100th Episode to Air March 3

SyFy is up to its usual tricks running promos for the 100th episode of Ghost Hunters  direct from Alcatraz, that claims it is be hosted Live by Josh Gates. For the undiscerning viewer, that might translate to a live show — but, not when it comes to SyFy and Ghost Hunters.

It appears that Josh Gates will host a live segment of undetermined length during the 2-hour broadcast.

While doing a bit of research on both the episode and on the history Alcatraz Island, I uncovered  a few interesting tidbits, including eerie stories that predates the Alcatraz prison, an episode of seeming demonic presence that resulted in the death of an inmate, headcounts that don’t add up and a host of experiences by visitors. Also included are a couple of telling updates  about the episode from Jason Hawes’ twitter account.  For more detail check out:

TAPS Ghost Hunters 100th Episode March 3, 2010

Alcatraz: Haunted History Predates Prison


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