Ghost Hunter International Chasing Hitler’s Ghost?

Syfy’s advertisements promised me a chase of Hitler’s Ghost, but the show left me wondering what all the hype was about. Sure, Rob’s cameras all died as the batteries were drained, but did you ever wonder why when some entity suddenly drains the electronics it never effects the camera or recorder of the camera man? Maybe the ghosts want their day in the sun and think its funny to mess with the investigators but want to make sure their pranks are captured by the camera man?

The ghost on the bed looked a bit like a sick alien to me. Maybe it was my TV or my vision (I was about to doze off), but I wasn’t impressed.

I’m always a bit disappointed with Ghost Hunters International and left wishing the “real” Ghost Hunters had visited those amazing sites. Maybe I’m a stick in the mud who can’t get past the fact that there are other ghost hunters out there besides Jason and Grant.

Maybe I can’t handle new techniques or maybe I just don’t care much for the crew. I don’t know.. but it leaves me waiting for TAPS to return.


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