TAPS a Fraud?

Someone recently brought to my attention that there are  many incidences where others claim TAPS evidence is faked. Of course, I didn’t want to believe it so I simply blew it off. But, its been bothering me for several days now and I thought I owed it to myself to at least check out what other have to say.

I watched the videos on youtube and I’ll admit it, one or two made me stop and think a bit. There have been times when I was surprised by the reactions of Jay and Grant and wondered if perhaps something were  amiss.

The jacket pull in the live Halloween broadcast struck me odd at the time and watching video clips of it still make me scratch my head. I can’t figure out why Grant isn’t more exited about it. If something tugged so forcefully, why doesn’t he react? I’m not ready to believe he had a wire in his pocket, but it leaves me uncomfortable to say the least.

There are some interesting theories out there to explain how some of the evidence could be faked, but then that doesn’t prove it was.

My question to those who claim TAPS fakes evidence is: If they were going to fake evidence, why not produce something more startling that what they do? Why produce an EVP that is barely distinguishable when you could fake one saying anything they choose?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that if they were into staging evidence that so many investigations would produce so little evidence.

If there is any real evidence that TAPS has faked evidence, I’d like to see it. But until then, I think I am going to assume they are honest. After all, even in court of law a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty.


8 thoughts on “TAPS a Fraud?

  1. WOW WOW.. This was very very interesting to read amazing. yeah i am with you guys on this one. fraud or not fraud.. Many many many times in GA series they react if they see some shadow or figure and why cauld they not be the one why fakes it all. cause all the time they can’t prove that they saw a figure and some black shadow. Most of the times GH caught a shadow plus some figure. and the best point i red was if it was staged or fake why isnt there more starling evidence or EVP like saying “Kill grant wilson” just a example.. This have been very very interesting and i like this show and i have seen many many startling moments and still likes this show.. THANKS

  2. As ghost investigators go, Zak’s Ghost Adventures series? Yes I am very skeptical about what the stuff he puts out. He frequently mugs for the camera with obviously over-exagerated reactions. Every orb is automatically labeled a ghost, including the ones that resemble a laser pointer and the ones that move across the background & accidentally across someone standing in the foreground. And there always seem to be a panic moment in his shows. I’ve seen him try to pass off thermal heat images like footprints as spiritual evidence even after another camera showed one of the other crew members were just standing in that area (and you can see the image quickly fading as the seconds pass). And I’ve never noticed him trying to debunk any of his findings. I have no doubt he would rig things to make the show more exciting.

    To me TAPS has a lot more credibility. It appears they are serious in debunking what can be be debunked. And they take the time to explain to the viewer why it can be debunked. They’ve stated on-air that if they have doubts, throw it out. I’ve also seen TAPS investigate a location that “another investigator” (i.e. Zak) investigated and in one show they showed evidence to thoroughly debunk a location where the owner had obviously rigged several devices. What I do dislike about the shows are the music & sound effects which are added by the production crew to provide additional “atmosphere”. The “DU-DU-DUH” moments used to cover periods of silence.

    I agree with MrsJMadd that you can’t just claim it’s fake merely because you believe there is no such thing as ghosts or you have never experienced it yourself. A several members of our family members have had psychic experiences. I personally, have never seen an apparition, but I can sense their presences. On a couple occasions, I have felt cold spots & warm spots in locations while another family member has seen an apparition at the location I was indicating. Once I was outside a new acquantices’ house when I suddenly began sensing a presence. The homeowner asked me why I had the strange expression on my face. So I explained what I was feeling. They humored me, went inside, shut off the lights & suggested I go in and follow it to it’s source. She followed behind as I headed down the hallway with my hands in front of me to try to locate the source & prevent running into a wall in the pitch blackness. I was drawn to a back bedroom, where I suddenly felt the hairs on my arms stand out and was engulfed by a warm spot. It’s was like suddenly being covered with a blanket fresh out of a dryer, including the static-like sensation. “It’s right here.” I announced. She clicked on the light & said, “Look down.” In front of me was a table with a square wooden object with a small brass plate. “That’s my son” she said. On closer examination, the plate had his name, date of birth, & date of death. Inside was the urn with his ashes.

    Maybe this also helps illustrate that ghosts certainly do not “always have to be scary”. Most of that is all subjective to the individual. A cold spot is nothing more than a spirit drawing energy from the environment. If it’s a cold spot, chances are the spirit is indifferent because it doesn’t know you & likely considers you an intruder. With an angry spirit, it can get downright chilly and your breath may fog, even on an otherwise summer day. They are intentionally siphoning off as much energy as possible in preparation to manifesting or making noises to get you to leave them alone. However, a warm spot, as described in the previous paragraph, is a spirit expressing love. With both you get the static sensation, which is why their presence can be picked up by an electro-magnetic flux detector (What TAPS calls a K2 meter).

    It’s the sudden temperature drop & static charge that creeps people out. This induces increased adrenaline flow, and feeds the spirit even more energy. These are not imagined temperature changes. Which is why thermal imaging cameras are inportant. You may notice TAPS has also used air temperature probes with extended sensors on a few shows. When looking at infra-red (IR) thermal imaging, most people only notice the hot zones (White-Yellow-Orange-Red spectrum) which is radiated heat, which most living creatures put out. Yet as most spirits have cold spots, they should present instead n the cold range (Blue-to-Indigo). In these shows, if you see a small red blob moving across the screen, chances are it’s just a rodent.

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