Donna LaCroix … Ghost Divas … Ghost Hunters.. Who’s Hoaxing Who?

I’ve been a little behind the times, lately. A friend of mine brought the whole Donna LaCroix and Ghost Divas interview to my attention yesterday. I can’t say that I was surprised by any of it. By that, I mean I can’t say that I’m surprised that Donna pointed the finger at someone else for her difficulties.. she and Brian have spoken out before and implied that they were mistreated.

Let’s take a look at what she actually said with  a brief excerpt from the interview.

DIVAS: Honestly, the staging thing. Cuz the rumor is, now, is that there’s a staging crew on the TAPS production, there, there, where they do nothing but stage the evidence that’s going to be… so they, I don’t wanna call them magicians because they’re not even that good. I mean the things that they’re putting out here lately are just total crap. Now I gotta ask, back in the day, did you have any run-ins with, um, you know, him, them saying, “Make sure the, the cable’s in there, the EMF meters, and the FISHING LINE?”

DONNA: Uh, I never was exposed to any of those conversations and I think it’s because had I been exposed to that I would flip my lid and they, they knew me enough to know that uh, I could not know of any of that. And I do believe the same thing with the other cast members because it would put them in an awkward position.

I don’t know about you, but it sure sounds likes Donna was confirming Ghost Divas’ accusations that Ghost Hunters or TAPS had a staging crew. Apparently, Donna doesn’t see it that way. She later clarified her statements in a letter to address her comments in the interview.

Issue #1. TAPS fakes evidence and Donna knows of a staging team that is part of the crew that does this. (So, please Dan, take down the You Tube please).

Answer: NO! I never said I caught them staging things. I said I had a turning point moment where I saw something I considered staged and it upset me to an incredibly disappointing point. And I never heard of TAPS having a “staging crew” on their Ghost Hunters show until it was mentioned in the interview. And I said it in the interview. I have since verified that they DO NOT have a staging crew.

So, my question this morning is: Which is it Donna? Your interview was filled with how all this was personally difficult for you because of your personal commitment to honesty. Seems a bit contradictory to me.

Want to hear it in her own words? You can listen to Donna LaCroix’s interview with Ghost Divas


One thought on “Donna LaCroix … Ghost Divas … Ghost Hunters.. Who’s Hoaxing Who?

  1. I have listened to Donna’s broadcast but even though I agree that Taps is fake, she somewhat doesn’t make any sense. For example, she said that Jason and Grant make more money than the rest of team but then when asked how much they make she didn’t seem to know.

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