Ghost Hunter’s Academy Review

As you probably know, Ghost Hunter’s Academy premiered last night on SyFy. To be honest with you, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I like seeing some new faces and I like the idea of TAPS Steve and Tango doing the training. I’m just not sure that this isn’t going to turn into the classic reality show that pits these young ghost hunters against each other in the race to be the best. I hope I’m wrong.

I’m curious to see Ghost Hunter’s Academy unfold. I’m not sure  what kind of training the new recruits received prior to the show, but I would hope they have participated in investigations with Steve and Tango to observe first-hand how TAPS conducts an investigation. To throw them into an investigation expecting them to perform according to TAPS standards, without the benefit of some first-hand experience with the best investigators first, seems a bit odd. Perhaps,  Steve and Tango didn’t see the need to explain the type of training that took place prior to this investigation.

It would be interesting to see Steve and Tango review the same evidence the Ghost Hunter’s Academy students did, just to see if there was any evidence overlooked. Again, perhaps that was done, but not shared with the viewing audience.

At any rate, Ghost Hunter’s Academy shows promise and these young men and women did a nice job with their first assignment. They weren’t perfect and made some errors, but that’s why they have Steve and Tango as teachers.

If you missed the show, check out the videos below. I’d love to hear your reactions to this new show. Take a moment and leave your comments for everyone to read.


6 thoughts on “Ghost Hunter’s Academy Review

  1. Well, I just want to say to Steve i’m disappointed in you for taking a good show and with your power trip of a hells kitchen ghost hunter program. Its sad to see you do the opposite of what your mentors have compassionately taught you when you where a little ghost hunter and not after the almighty buck. Me and my family use to really look up to you but know we know the truth. thank you & go back to taps.

  2. If they staged stuff all I can say is that is very sad.
    Integrity is important. But some people will sell out.
    I hope thats not what Jason and Grant did.

  3. Just watched the episodes….Tango & Steve talking about honesty & truth is a laugh. GH is less than honest with their findings, most of it if not all is fabricated. It’s just another BS reality show full of whining pre-madonnas with deep seeded emotional and mental issues.

    • I’d be interested in knowing what evidence you have that the show is fabricated. I hear accusations being thrown around, but I haven’t seen any evidence to support the fact that Ghost Hunters is dishonest or fabricates evidence.

  4. B-O-R-I-N-G……….
    After watching many years of Ghost Hunters & GHI it is hard to swallow a whole hour of “amateur ghost hunters” aka Ghost Hunters Academy. Jason, Grant, Steve,..etc etc are the originators of this tv genre and to watch much of the same with newbies is tiring. To be honest, after a time, it became more entertaining for me to watch the interpersonal interactions of the cast instead of the actual ghost hunt. On this note, couldn’t they pick better Academy participants? The current group just doesn’t do it for me and neither does the show. IMHO I think the whole Ghost Hunters thing has run its course and does not produce anything new and fresh. In other words it is on borrowed time and I wouldn’t be surprised to find SyFy discontinuing GH/GHI or this new flop GH Academy.

  5. it was just ‘okay’ for me. i agree with you that i hope the students had some previous TAPS training before heading to the Fort. nice concept of the academy angle tho. i hope it gets better. it just didn’t interest me as the show progressed; i was getting bored at times. but i will watch more epsiodes to be fair.

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