Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Broadcast a Letdown

I don’t know about you, but the Ghost Hunter’s Live 2009 Halloween Broadcast left me a bit disappointed. I respect Jason and Grant’s desire to spend the evening at home (although I’m not convinced its the real reason they didn’t take part in the show), but I think Syfy took us for a ride. As far as I’m concerned they didn’t deliver what they advertised. I mean, really, are there any Ghost Hunter fans out there who haven’t seen those shows multiple times already?

And what’s with Steve letting one rip on national television when he and Tango investigated noises heard near the thermal camera. His justification was he didn’t think anyone would see it. Come on, Steve, you were in front of a camera with a live feed. What do you mean you didn’t think anyone would be watching you?

And then, there was the delicate issue of publicly criticizing one of the Ghost Hunter Academy students for how they answered a question on air. Sure, Steve was whispering to Tango…. on national television. I’ve always liked Steve (and I still do), but the lack of professionalism that surfaces now and then reflects poorly on Ghost Hunters and TAPS.

I spent some time watching the cameras and listening for sounds. Camera 1 had plenty of sounds. There were numerous conversations in the background…presumably from the crew. It would have been nice to let us know where the crew was, so we’d know whether or not to expect human sounds on the audio.

It was a great idea, really, but it fell short of my expectations. I’d love to hear from you about your observations during the show.


2 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Broadcast a Letdown

  1. Its not hard to see that SyFy is grooming the audience for Jason and Grants departure from the television series. First they buy the Spalding Inn together and now they don’t appear on GHLive. Steve and Tango are also the new go to guys on GH Academy. Bye bye and thank you guys…you’ve been great and it’s been a great run…………….

  2. I dvr’d it and yes it was lame but I didn’t expect much anyway. but I did watch Ghost Adventures and it wasn’t bad at all. Chris Fleming was a drag; I almost turned off the tv when i saw him on the show. And the Tesla thingamajig was a joke. But the show moved along and was pretty entertaining with the usual histrionics and such.
    Please pick up Keith Johnson’s book. I assure you it is a good read,

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