Waiting for “Seeking Spirits” by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson

I’m waiting patiently (not) for my copy of Seeking Spirits to arrive. When I ordered it, I was a bit excited to qualify for for Amazon’s Super Saver free shipping, but then I didn’t know it would take so long for it to arrive.

So, I decided to reread a bit of Ghost Hunting, Jason and Grant’s first book. I found an interesting tidbit I thought you might enjoy tonight.ghost hunting

In the introduction, Jason gives a bit of background information leading up to the formation of  TAPS.

At the age of 20, Jason apparently met a woman who practiced Reiki. His term for the relationship was “got involve with” and tells of his initial skepticism about life forces. He continues by saying that after exposure to the techniques for several months he began to “see things.”

Jason says: Usually it started with a mist, out of which emanated a dim light, and then out of the light came other things –including see-through animals and human apparitions.

Because no one else could see these images, Jason claims he felt like he was going crazy and finally contacted Frank Zappis for help. Frank performed a series of tests and concluded Jason was becoming sensitive. Seeking the help of others involved in paranormal groups provided no relief.

One day while visiting the aquarium at Mystic, Connecticut a lady approached him to ask how he was doing. She then proceeded to tell him she knew he was seeing things and to make it stop he should eat green olives. She concluded with, “I will see you again.

From his own admission, he began to consume bottles of green olives on a daily basis. As long as he consumed them the visions kept away, but as soon as he stopped they reappeared.

He recounts meeting her again at a haunted location, but provides no other details.

I brushed this aside the first time I read the book. I don’t know, it sounds a bit.. well.. bizarre. Is he pulling our leg? Did he include it as a joke?

I really don’t know what to think, but I am left wondering if he eats green olives before a ghost hunt.


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