Not what I expected

I was a bit disappointed when I discovered SyFy had mislead me about Jason and Grant of TAPS joining Josh Gates in Destination Truth. It was good to see them give Josh some feedback on his EVP’s, but disappointing that they did not join him on the actual investigation. I think it would have added some credibility to his show.

I did find the footage of the camera man interesting… but I’m not entirely sure I trust it as real. It appears he was forcibly moved from his chair and thrown through the air. I’ve seen similar actions happen on TAPS, but they had the actual footage where I could see the person.  I believed it when it happened to them, so why do I question it now?

Maybe I don’t want to believe that the things that go bump in the night can actually touch us. It gave me the creeps when Jason and Grant said that from their experience when people are touched by, or feel an entity has passed through them, that they often react with an itching to goes to the bone. I hadn’t really thought the concept of a spirit “going through you” was real. I always thought it was more of a feeling that the essence of something passed through you…. not a physical sensation.

I’d love to hear from any of you who have experienced this.


One thought on “Not what I expected

  1. i cant seem to find a way to get a hold of josh gates.. but you guys might beable to help. plz pass this on to him if you can. p.s i did not put my existing email address on here so i will not get response.

    hello josh… I have a story for you
    I live in Shasta lake city right next to the Shasta lake.. we believe that there are sturgeon the size as buses.. in fact almost everyone here does. The Shasta damn has had many divers dive down deep into the water to find what they say eyes the size of basket ball and even large boulders. after seeing these creatures they have vowed not to go in the lake again. we have had many extremely large ones wash up only there has been many eye witnesses say they have seen way larger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think this would be interesting for you and your crew to do. just make sure if you do come and holler at me I want to know the truth along with all of Redding and Shasta lake!

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