So the skeptic says . . .

Last  night while watching Ghost Whisperer, my skeptic husband and I  are sitting quietly when suddenly, out of nowhere we hear a loud snap. I, of course, assume it is something he has done as I was not looking at him at the time. He jumps and says, “What was that snap?”

I turn to him and explain that it wasn’t me and I thought it was him. He gets up and looks around to find nothing to explain the sound. He looks at me and says, “It sounded like someone snapped their fingers right by my ear.”

I, of course, laugh. Anything I see or hear is treated as foolishness or an over-active imagination. It’s funny when it happens to someone else, especially the skeptic.

I won’t pretend to know what that sound was. I have no idea. I do know there have been a lot of random sounds that seem to defy explanation lately. Just yesterday I was home alone and working on a piece of writing when I “heard” the cat scratch at the bathroom door. She can pull it open if she gets her claw under the bottom of the door and does it quite frequently. It has a distinct sound. I didn’t think anything of it, but happened to glance up and see her sleeping in the chair. I looked around to discover the dog asleep in his bed.

What did I do? I pretended it didn’t happen, of course. What else can I do?

I now understand why you hear stories of people who have lived with hauntings that simply did nothing. I was always the one to say, “Why didn’ t they do something. If it were me I would have moved out.”

Now, I’m not saying this house is haunted (although I’m not ready to say it isn’t either), but I do understand why people simply live with strange occurrences and pretend they don’t exist.

I’m still a bit of a skeptic myself, but I find it a bit peculiar that I lived in a house for over 20 years with only an occasional strange occurrence and I’ve been here a year and have them quite often. Coincidence? Perhaps.

For now, knowing the skeptic is experiencing it too is enough to tell me I’m not crazy.


One thought on “So the skeptic says . . .

  1. I guess you are right, because we always say ‘if i were in his place i would…’ but in reality we are not so we wouldn’t be familiar with the emotional experience and how could it affect our reactions. I guess there are more to find out..

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