How many unexplainable things does it take?

Most of us go through life looking for reasons to explain those odd occurrences that somehow appear in our lives.  The assumption, of course it that there are explanations. Recently, an unexplained occurrence happened in my home and has left me racking my brain for plausible explanations.

I might have seen this differently if I wasn’t sure I was the last one to go to bed or if we were a family that ordinarily got up at  night. But I was, we aren’t and I simply can’t explain this.

As I said, I was the last one to bed. Everyone else was already asleep when I turned in. I turned out the kitchen lights, checked that the candle on the stove was out and went to bed.

I was the first one up in the morning. I walked into the kitchen to discover one of the burners on our gas stove as on and burning brightly. The air was warm, so it had obviously been on for a while. The knobs on this stove need to be pushed in and turned to light them.

I did not use that burner the evening before, nor did I use it while cooking dinner.

So how did it get on? Could I have stood in a dark  kitchen and not have noticed a lit burner before going to bed? Could I have reached over the stove to turn out the light without feeling the heat of the burner or noticing the flame?

I have no explanation, but I do know that it was a bit startling to awake to a flame in my kitchen that simply should not have been there.


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