Shadow People Not Always Benign

Ran across an interesting account of a shadow person that seems not to be so benign as others would have us believe.  I wrote an article a while back What Are Shadow People? that provides background information about these elusive creatures. The comment section below the article is filled with first-hand experiences from people like you and me who have encountered these dark beings. You may want to read this first, if you haven’t already, to read about the current beliefs of many paranormal investigators regarding Shadow People.

Shadow Ghost: Human or Inhuman? by Elizabeth Costanzo is a first-hand account with a shadow person that sheds new light on the stereotypical beliefs regarding shadow people and their origin. Not only does this being appear to be pure evil, it actually responded to her requests to remove the hood so she could see his face. What she saw was not exactly what she was expecting.


For several years, it came into our bedroom every night and stood in the corner leering at us; it became unbearable to feel watched, to feel violated in a place that should have been sanctuary. Eventually, I challenged the “shadow demon”, demanding that it cease hiding beneath its cloak.  I would not tolerate it putting my family through this hell any longer. Of course, I used some very harsh and obscene language when I made my threats. That very night, as I was lying in bed, I watched it as it began creeping down the hall toward my room….

It pulled back the hood, showed me its true form and spit in my face!

Please read her story. The face that was revealed and her later inquiry into history proved eerily accurate.


2 thoughts on “Shadow People Not Always Benign

  1. I don’t feel like i belong hear i keep on having dreams about a cave and in the back of the cave a circular flat stone on the wall with a weird triangel figur ther a four triangels and in my dreams i turn the triangels and in the middel of the stone circular door it splits and thers a bright light and every night i can more of the dream contionus like its trying to tell me somthing.

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