Ghost Hunters Season 5

Well, Ghost Hunters has returned for the 5th Season. With all the hype for the Betsy Ross House I expected something more. Not that it was a bad show but it did lack in new discoveries. I must admit it was a relief to see the familiar faces of Jason and Grant along with Steve and Tango instead of the Ghost Hunter International Crew. It felt a bit like welcoming home old friends.

Ghost Hunters International has certianly improved since their debut last year, but it always leaves me feeling a bit skeptical. I can’t help but wonder why spirits in other countries would be so cooperative¬† with EVPs. It seems every hunt they do picks up nice clear EVPs not to mention the high number of personal experiences. Perhaps they just show us more of what goes on during the hunt.

I do miss the old days when TAPS spent more time showing us more details of the actual hunt. And what’s with the “What to hell was that?” Its beginning to come off as a little trite. I mean really should they be so surprised to hear a noise or see a shadow? Isn’t that why they are there?

I would have thought that SciFi would have chosen an exciting episode to begin the season, but then I suppose that would only serve as a let down for future shows.

I’m glad they are back and am looking forward to their new investigations. Who knows what discoveries they may make in 2009.


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