Digital Communicator

Tired of sitting around waiting for the dearly departed to come to you? Why not give them a call with the Digital Communicator? According to Ghost Web, this revolutionary device has the power to communicate with the other world in real time.

Apparently, Ghost Web is not 100% sure who you will contact, but they are ready to sell you the plans to create your very own digital communicator you can make from a $25 gadget you can pick up at radio shack. Here’s what Ghost Web has to say:

Can you really telephone the dead? Will the dead talk to you? The answer is yes! Just like EVP, the spirits are not always around to speak to, but near the full and new moons, they seem to be most active. They could be the dead speaking, they could be interdimensional beings, they could be aliens, no one knows for sure.

So, go ahead and check it out. PDF plans can be downloaded for $15 or you can order the CD for $30. If you are so inclined to purchase the ebook and make your own device, don’t forget to stop back and let us know your results.


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