Got Ghosts? Lay of the Caffeine

I ran across some interesting research recently. According to a study completed by Durham University, high caffeine consumption (specifically more than the equivalent of seven cups of instant coffee a day) may be a contributing factor to the observation of ghosts or to hearing ghost voices.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I consume a bit of caffeine on a daily basis. I enjoy a brimming cup (or two) of steaming coffee in the morning and I’m willing to bet that one mug of dark flavorful perked coffee contains a bit more caffeine than a cup of the watery instant variety. Add another cup or two for late morning breaks and throw in the after dinner coffee and I probably don’t even need to count the diet Pepsi to reach what these researches term high caffeine consumption. Bottom line is … does it make me see ghosts?

Maybe ghosts are just just normal people like you and me who miss their coffee in the afterlife and are stopping by to sniff the delicious aroma.

Maybe people who see ghosts turn to plain old coffee to quell their nerves.

Maybe its not related at all. Take a moment and check it out and let me know what you think. Caffeine May Cause Ghostly Voices (Got Ghosts Lay off the Caffeine)


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