Disappearing objects… is this a joke?

Some of you may have read my entries about disappearing objects and already know that once I published it I had an experience of my own. Well, lets just say I was amused…but I’m beginning to less amused as time goes on.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning up after dinner and washed the table with a pink sponge. I turned around to wash the dishes and the sponge was gone. We looked everywhere for it. It wasn’t in the dining room it wasn’t in the kitchen…it wasn’t even in the garbage. I shrugged it off and took out a new sponge. To say I forgot about it wouldn’t exactly be the truth. I’ve had my eye open for it and had the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it would turn up “some day”.

Yesterday, when I searched in one of the lower drawers in the kitchen for a pan, I was quite surprised to find the sponge tucked in the bottom underneath all the pans.  All sorts of things ran through my head, but I kept silent

I thought maybe it was on the counter and the drawer was open. Maybe it fell into the drawer. Maybe someone put pans away on top it without noticing it. Well seeming that someone would be me and I’ve been watching for the sponge it seems highly unlikely that I would not notice it.

Today, my daughter walked into the dining room and announced Something weird is going on with the electronics in my room. She claims that the alarm on her cell phone went off even though the phone was turned off.  Okay..so maybe she was half asleep and turned it off when it sounded and didn’t realize it. Then she proceeds to relay a story of watching a movie on the Internet and hearing a woman’s voice speak and then hearing static. She reviewed the movie and it wasn’t on the movie. Okay..so maybe somehow a vehicle drove by and a cell phone broadcasted over the Internet. No I don’t know the feasibility of that. Never heard of it happening, but at least its a possibility.

Then… she relays that yesterday her cell phone suddenly turned up missing. She couldn’t locate it anywhere until she looked under the bed. The phone was way out of reach resting underneath a large ceramic doll that she had under her bed… a good 4 or 5 feet from the window sill she leaves it on.

I can rationalize how it might get under her bed, but I really can’t think of an explanation for how it got under the doll.

I’m not sure I’m ready to send out the alarm that my house is haunted,  but I am getting mighty leery of the unusual things that have happened here.


2 thoughts on “Disappearing objects… is this a joke?

  1. I went on google to research this because it’s happened to my husband and me twice recently (that we are certain of). There are times when we lose things and swear that we knew where it was but ultimately decide that we misplaced it. But… on one occasion we were preparing for a road trip and couldn’t find the map book that we normally use when taking long trips. It’s a good sized book of over 100 pages —not easy to misplace. We searched everywhere we thought it might be but couldn’t find it. We went to bed and the next morning the map book was sitting front and center on our coffee table. We had been sitting at the coffee table discussing where it could have gone—THERE WAS NO WAY WE MISSED IT. The second time, just last week, my husband returned from a trip abroad and after unpacking his suitcases, he couldn’t find a large bag that he’d packed his chargers in (phone charger, computer, camera … etc.). We both remembered seeing him pull it from the suitcase but then it seemed to vanish. We ripped our house apart but couldn’t find it. On the third day of searching, I sat down at our computer and the bag was slung across the back of the chair. I’d spent hours on the computer over those days AND it was clearly visible. There was ABSOLUTELY no way it had been there for three days. I am really curious about what this is!

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