Shadow People… Could they really be..a shadow of a Ghost?

I don’t know why it never occurred to me before. It seems rather ridiculous now, so ridiculous in fact that I hesitate to share this  with you. You see, I was doing a bit of research on Shadow People for my Squidoo lens when I encountered the most interesting theory of shadow people. The writer quite nonchalantly offered up the theory that shadow people were actually … are you ready for this.. the shadow cast from a ghost. She theorized that even though a ghost may be invisible, it may actually block light due to its massive amount of energy.

At first blush, I chuckled. Then I started to think. There are many reports of invisible beings, at least that is the presumption, passing in front of windows or lights and totally blocking out the light. Now, reason tells us that if they block out light, light cannot pass through them.

What happens when light is cast upon an object that it cannot penetrate? It casts a shadow.

The thought of some mysterious shadow being lurking in dark corners is frightening enough, particularly when the house is dark and I’m alone in the dark. I avoid looking into dark areas for that very reason. No sense seeking out the spooky when I can easily avoid it. But now, avoiding the shadows is not enough. The ghost itself could be standing at my side and while I am staring aghast at his shadow.

Tell me it isn’t entertaining to be a ghost.


8 thoughts on “Shadow People… Could they really be..a shadow of a Ghost?

  1. Sorry, I haven’t checked that email in so long it went inactive. I’ve fixed the email so fire away if you wish.

  2. “Shadow People… Could they really be..a shadow of a Ghost?”

    I had never considered this question before. Very interesting.

    I’ve had no experiences with shadow people and I’m quite thankful for that. I’ve somehow equated them with something negative but I can’t really put my finger on why I might think that.

    I’ve had many experiences in these past few years but never that one.

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