Ghost Hunting by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson… the book

I recently purchased the book Ghost Hunting. I was eager to read what Grant and Jason had to say about their investigations. As difficult as it is for me to admit: I was disappointed. Only the first few investigations were not featured on Ghost Hunters. The rest of the book consisted of a what could have easily been a review of a quick watch of the TV episodes Ghost Hunters. Quotes from Jason and Grant came directly from the recorded version of the investigation, with the exception of a tiny block of text following each story entitled “Grant’s Take.”

Perhaps I expected too much and was let down when it didn’t match up to my expectations; perhaps the suspense of the hunt is better protrayed in film. It left me feeling like I was only being told part of the story. Two or three short pages to tell the story of hours of investigation hardly seemed enough. For those who are not familar with the show, or those who have not watched every episode multiple times, it may be a more intersting read.


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