Speaking of Disappearing Objects Phenomenon……

Last night after posting about the DOPler Effect and poking a little fun at all of us because we need an excuse for not being able to find objects we have lost; I decided to sit down and read my TAPS Paramagazine. Now, its not a new issue, but it came in when I was the midst of moving and it got set aside.

I ran into it earlier yesterday when I was cleaning and I set it aside to read. I very specifically placed it on shelf within arms reach of my computer.

It wasn’t there. I looked through papers. I looked on other shelves. I looked with the books. It was no where to be found. Okay, I accepted that and did what we all do…figured I must have put it somewhere else and forgot. That would be fine except…

I got up this morning and did my regular writing and went about my business without another thought of the magazine. Just now, I walked back into the room and there it sets exactly where it should have been last night.

I don’t know where that magazine has been. I don’t know if it visited a parallel universe or slipped into another dimension, but I do know I looked for it exactly where it should have been and it wasn’t there and now it is.


5 thoughts on “Speaking of Disappearing Objects Phenomenon……

  1. Yes, when this happens I begin to feel like I am going senile. I had a recent experience however that finally pushed me to the edge so I am now researching all possibilities of what causes this DOP. Although i can open mindedly consider the more paranormal explanations, I am also more inclined to think there is a scientific/medical explanation since i did have a head trauma injury in ’97 that affected my neuro processing center in the cranium cortex of my brain…i am also wondering it this has something to do with aging. I am soon to be 64 years old.
    I would very much appreciate if whoever reads this would please share similar experiences -if any-and would offer your own insights on this phenomena. TY

    • I see your point and our perception certainly could play a role in the phenomenon, but I think there are far too many reports of this type of thing for it to be purely attributed to “not seeing” what is right in front of us. Many report the object re-appearing in an unusual place. Other times there are more than one person involved in searching for the missing object. The likelihood of two people not seeing something that was really there is probably very remote. Have you considered the possibility that your head injuries may have caused you to be more receptive to paranormal activity? Have you noticed other activity that you can’t explain? Just a thought to consider.

  2. I love this. I was beginning to think I’m losing my mind, because the same thing happens to me occasionally. I always think, “Well, I must have put it somewhere else,” and then wind up finding it in the exact place I thought I put it. How many times have I looked in that spot for the item? Oh gosh, probably dozens of times and it was not there. Now it is. Very interesting to me that I’m not the only one to have this experience.

    • Nancy, I think it happens more often than people like to admit. Sometimes, of course, it is due to us overlooking the obvious. I assumed I had misplaced the magazine, but when it re-appeared right where I knew it should be I was flabbergasted. Served me right for making light of the topic.

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