Disappearing Object Phenomenon: Is it For Real?

Disappearing Object Phenomenon, referred to as DOP or The DOPler Effect is a strange and sometimes bizarre event that happens in homes all across America everyday. You’ve probably even experienced it yourself. Perhaps you were watching TV and when you reached for the remote it had mysteriously disappeared. Now that in itself is nothing to be concerned about. But, you enlisted the help of everyone in the family to help you search your home and it was nowhere to be found. Suddenly it reappears exactly where it should have been. How could everyone have missed it right there in plain sight?

It’s the DOPler Effect.

So exactly where did your remote go and how did it reappear? No one knows for sure, but there are several theories.

The first of which is, yep, you guessed it; plain old forgetfulness. It may seem like objects have a mind of their own and simply show up somewhere else when you aren’t looking. But the truth is; you probably did forget that you moved it. When the object is finally located, you can often think back to prior to losing it and recall leaving the room or answering the phone, probably with the item in hand. And there it is right where you stopped to pet the cat or get a drink of water.

This really isn’t DOP at all, at least not as far as the paranormal kind goes.

But that wasn’t the case with the disappearing remote. Okay. So we ruled out that you didn’t absentmindedly take the remote to another room and forget it. Now what?

Well, the second most common reason for objects going missing and reappearing in the same location, is; someone else moved it and when they saw you upset and searching they didn’t want to own up to it. They quietly sneaked it back in its proper place when you weren’t looking. Admittedly, if you have kids this is a plausible explanation.

But everyone was accounted for and you are absolutely sure no one moved the remote when you weren’t looking.

Hm. Now that’s getting interesting.

Many psychics and paranormal researchers claim that the object slips into another dimension and returns to our dimension later on. This, of course, is just a theory and there really isn’t any evidence to support that multiple dimensions really exist, let alone that your remote has visited one.

Others attribute it to ghostly activity, either because the spirit wishes to communicate with you or he thinks it’s funny to see you running around looking for the remote. You have to admit it.  If you were a ghost and had no way to interact with us mortals thumbing our noses at your existence, a good game of hide seek would probably break up the monotony a bit.

Whatever the reason, we all know that objects do disappear when no one is looking. We’ve all experienced the DOPler Effect at one time or another, but probably didn’t think anyone would believe us if we told them.

So what do you say? Have you experienced The DOPler Effect? Drop a line in the comments and share your stories.


84 thoughts on “Disappearing Object Phenomenon: Is it For Real?

  1. I don’t believe what I experienced recently was a case of ‘perception block’. What happened was, when I returned to my hotel in Fatima, Portugal, while there this January on pilgrimage, I took off my gloves and dropped them on top of a pair of jeans which were lying on one of the two single beds in my room. That’s the bed I wasn’t using. And, as usual, I took off my coat and hanged it on the desk chair at the foot of the bed. I then sat down and spent a little time at my lap top surfing the Internet. When I felt like going out for dinner, I got up and put my coat back on. But when I stooped down to pick up my gloves, they were gone. You can imagine how dumbfounded I felt. I actually exclaimed, “What the heck!” Knowing I had put them there on top of the jeans, I picked them up and shook them anyway in case they would somehow just fall off from some point. I even checked the pockets to confirm that I hadn’t placed the gloves in there absent-mindedly. However, they had simply vanished. And, of course, I checked the desk drawers, tiny boudoir, and even the bathroom (notably on top of the toilet). Nothing. I just thought this was all bazaar and gave up searching. I scoured the room a couple of times later that day to no avail. Anyway, this was a few days before my departure, during which time I bought a new pair of gloves. When it was time to leave the last morning, I laid out my shirts and pants on that unused bed next to mine. The four extra pair of pants that I would pack into my suitcase were lying stretched out waiting to be folded. After I started packing, by putting in some souvenirs in one of the bag’s chambers, I turned to the bed to get the pants. Lo and behold, those gloves that had disappeared were lying right on top of them. Now I have two pairs of gloves.

      • It certainly does. What’s even stranger is that the gloves were uniformly placed one on top of the other just as they usually are when I put them down after removing them. I’m still open to the possibility that my brain played an elaborate trick, but I fail to see how; since I was in a small single room that wasn’t cluttered with things, and I thoroughly searched the place even emptying the boudoir of all the accessory clothing on the shelf and in the drawers, I have to wonder if my deceased dog had anything to do with it, because she used to take a glove or a sock and put it someplace else when I wasn’t looking or at home. This was my first trip abroad since she died 2 years ago (on the Memorial of St. Francis of Assisi) that I didn’t take her box of ashes with me. It amuses me to think that Mother Mary made sure she put back the gloves the way she found them instead of just anywhere like under the bed.

  2. We had this happen after our first child was born. It had never happened before. The child is born, and suddenly there’s this rash of instances where my wife and I are completely scratching our heads and thinking we must be going crazy. But even more surprisingly, it never happened again after the house and the family was blessed. I was certain that we would still find things moved around the house after the blessing because “it just had to be us doing these things, right?” Nope, nothing since the blessing. It stopped cold. Now when things “go missing,” we find them and – exactly as the article states – we remember how the item got to where we found it.

    Everything happened around our newborn, too. We once found a toy of his that had been re-assembled from its three component pieces that had been in a box, sitting in a cabinet. Another toy had gone missing, and then reappeared in his crib, right next to him. I put him to bed, assembled his toys so he wouldn’t roll over top of them, came back in an hour later, and the missing toy was laying right next to his head. One night we found a few of his toys stacked on top of each other on the bathroom sink, too. We just stared at them.

    After finding the missing toy right next to his head, I started getting this very uneasy feeling, as if something very powerful was trying to communicate to me. I felt like it was trying to tell me it was “interested in watching out for my child.” I felt like it wanted me to say something like, “I want you to watch out for my child,” but everything I’ve ever heard about the behavior of evil entities came into my head, like it was trying to be “invited” into my house. Like I said, the blessing was done, and it all stopped.

    • Fascinating story. I’m with you, I would have been very leery of objects being manipulated near the baby. I think the toys in the sink would have freaked me out. Sounds like you made the right call by having the house blessed.

    • Can you think of any reason why your newborn child might be related to this if in fact these disappearances began soon after his birth?

      • Stuff actually started happening about two months before he was born. The first thing that happened was us being awakened at 1:30 a.m. by three heavy knocks on the bedroom window. After he was born, my wife had a nightmare that shook her up where the child’s name was written in blood all on his bedroom walls; it was odd because she doesn’t like scary books or movies, and she never has dreams like this. Then we both started independently seeing what appeared to be dopplegangers of our dogs in the house, and I actually saw a brown cloud materialize in my basement, take the shape of a person, walk a few steps, and then disappear. We would also hear loud thuds from his bedroom like heavy weights were being dropped (but he’d never wake up from his sleep). Then the noises and apparitions all stopped, and that’s when things started to move. Everything that moved was somehow immediately related to the baby, either his toys, or in his play areas, or his drinking cups, etc. We had the house blessed and it all stopped.

        • Sounds frightening. I’d hate to have to experience that. Like something out of Amityville Horror. How long were you living in the house before it all started? It’s very likely your guest was related to someone or a family that used to live there or that something bad happened in the house before you and your wife moved in. The dog feces and loud dropping sounds indicate that your guest was very unhappy and agitated about something. The figure you saw in the basement might have been a poor human soul. Demons aren’t expelled so quickly. Having the house blessed was wise, seeing the place was infested by one or more spirits. I’m glad everything stopped immediately and peace was restored.

          • You’re right – when we look back on it, it was starting up like something you would see in a horror movie. The woman who lived here before us had died of cancer, but that’s about it. Nothing out of the ordinary for the area. We lived here for three years before this all started happening. And there were no issues before the time my son was about to be born. At the same time, the people next door started having similar issues. I guess something was very interested in my little boy?

            You may not believe this, but we were never scared or concerned. Even when I saw the shadowy being appear in front of me, I had no fear at all. Not an ounce. We’re people who try to go to church all the time, we talk about how Jesus wants us to live, and we try to be faith-filled, so I assume the lack of fear was due to somehow being in God’s presence at the time. In fact, we didn’t even put together that the house was haunted or infested by something until the minister said, “Everything going on here is related, there is likely a demon that’s seeking out your son.” Then it dawned on us. Now every time we hear a bump, we immediately assume it’s paranormal. But nothing has happened since the blessing.

            Another thing you may not believe, but about 5 years beforehand (and before we moved into the house), I had a tremendously vivid dream where my wife and I were in a haunted house, and in the child’s room there were all these toys that were possessed and conspiring to attack us. In the dream I told my wife to start praying to Saint Michael for protection, and there was a tremendous flash and a very manly voice (almost cartoonishly manly) that rang through my head and shouted, “Sure!” I told my wife a few times – and often while we lived in this house – that maybe we were being told that we were protected if ever we moved into a haunted house. We were completely oblivious to the fact that this was the probably the house being referred to in the dream (if, of course, the dream was real), even as stuff was moving around and things were going crazy. We didn’t figure it all out until after it was over. If it’s true, that’s some tremendously powerful protection.

          • if your neighbours had similar issues, maybe your neighbourhood is situated on an excavated aboriginal burial site. Just speculating.

  3. My dad passed away 6 years ago. My mom sold the house that they lived in and moved back to her home town, 30 miles away. She has been storing 5 of his cowboy hats in their original boxes on a top shelf that runs around the interior of the garage. She recently decided to check their condition, to make sure moths had not got into the boxes. Much to her surprise the nicest one, the black one, the one he was wearing when he died when he had a massive heart attack while driving his truck, was missing. All of the other hats were in their boxes. There has not been any signs of anyone breaking into the garage and she has not noticed anything else missing. She has many tools & a leaf blower. She lives alone. (in Oklahoma)

  4. So this happened to me this morning I was having a bad dream about someone I care about being possessed. So my husbands alarm went off and he got up to go to work so I turned over pulled up my eye mask and told him I was having nightmares and he talked for a minute then went to get ready so I sat up grabbed my phone and when I did the eye mask feel off I turned on a movie to help me fall back asleep and then went to grab my eye mask and I couldn’t find it flipped the pillows shook out the bedding. I turned on the lights flipped the bedding pulled it off shook it out a few times moved the pillows couldn’t find it. I had to go pee so I went into go pee and told my husband that I lost my eye mask he was in the shower so I went to go back to bed and as soon as I put my knee on the bed I seen a black thing laying right on top of the covers (which are white). The reason this bothered me is because I had just fixed the bed when I was looking for them and there they were right on top of the covers just sitting there.

  5. A few months ago I was alone in my house and put my glasses down on the sideboard and took the dog out for a short walk round the block. I returned home and went on my iPad but my
    glasses were not were I left them! I knew I had not gone into another room and my kitchen is small so it’s not hard to really lose or misplace something. Getting quite frantic as I can’t read without them I started looking all over the house, on the sideboard were only a few magazines and I checked and rechecked numerous times and still no glasses. This went on for nearly an hour I went back in the kitchen feeling very annoyed I looked at the kitchen table and I remember saying “where the hell is my glasses” I turned around and low and behold the glasses were staring at me from the sideboard it was just as if someone or something had just placed them there. I’m still speechless! Now the second thing to happen has me really rattled. Just to let you know I live alone in a 3 bedroomed old terrace house. I suffer with sinus problems and got a prescription for an antibiotic nose spray. I went to New York and had packed my case the night before. I put the nose spray in the fridge on the shelf where I’d see it as soon as I opened the door. I even left a note to say take nose spray as it’s very important to me. Well the next day before my trip the nose spray in its box had disappeared. No sign at all
    in the fridge where I had put it. It has still not turned up and I’ve asked numerous times please please return my spray! Funny enough my friend who I went to New York with has the same phenomenon going on in her house! It has upset me as in the uk we pay a lot of money for prescriptions and it was something I need to use on a daily basis. Any explantion?

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