Update: Are Mirrors Portals to the Spirit World?

As a result of the research about mirrors as portals to the spirit world, I published an article. If you’d like to read what I discovered, feel free to check out Are Mirrors Portals to the Spirit World?

If you have any experiences with mirrors and/or spirit portals, be sure to leave a comment in the comment section of the article and share your story with other readers.


26 thoughts on “Update: Are Mirrors Portals to the Spirit World?

  1. I am very sensitive to the spirit realm. Most people lose there connection while growing up and lose it before there 10. In my family only one child of a generation is marked on there chest. Who forever remains very open to the supernatural. I see many things and in my room there’s a portal. I’ve gotten use to it, but seeing and feeling a evil presents always gives me chills. Knowing that I’m only 15 you would think I don’t a lot but a lot has happened over the years.

  2. I used a mirror to open a portal with a quiji board and metal coat hangers cut down to L shapes. Having learned it from some random spiritual being I put myself in a great deal of danger and have been slightly drained since then. But the answer is YES, mirrors can be used as a gateway.\, although I do NOT recommend it to anyone who like me doesn’t dabble in that realm on a regular basis. Many of the Spirits are just murderers condemned in their own lack of remorse. Others are much more grotesque and evil. I would recommend you know why you’re bringing them about cuz they take something from you. I can’t explain it but be careful none the less.

  3. another thing Pablo is i think that no matter what mirror you put in this spot your going to have this problem. I think that the location of where you put the mirror is where that portal is, the mirror just helped you see it.

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